Get Started with AI-Assisted Design – You Can’t Afford to Miss It

The design year 2023 has begun with a bang, thanks to artificial intelligence. You’ve likely experimented with ChatGPT and enjoyed its features, but you may be curious: what else can it do?

It’s time to get ready. AI is changing the game for everyone, whether you like it or not. You will need to adapt your design process and maybe pick up some new skills. Embrace the change.

AI will not take your job. AI will not do your job. Instead, imagine it as a partner who can assist you. An assistant or a co-pilot. That’s the right attitude to have, in order to grasp the big picture quickly and to see some results and benefits soon. A first major step on your new and transformed career path.

How to Start Your AI Design Transformation

You can use ChatGPT or its applications as your collaborators. They can help you with tasks like researching topics or writing documents based on your key points. For instance, I was able to come up with and share a project idea in just 30 minutes with their help. That’s the most basic yet very effective use I already make out of it.

ChatGPT is also available as browser plugin for Chrome and connects directly through OpenAI.

Or you install Microsoft’s Edge browser and use the Bing chat. Which, by the way, also supports different conversation styles.

AI Design Tools

You may want to review some collections of current AI design tools:

You are bound to discover some that suit your requirements and may be applicable scenarios for you. Experiment with some.

Figma AI Design Plugins

Working with Figma? Enhance your design workflow with AI plugins that you can use directly in your design environment.

A simple way to improve your initial design drafts is to generate some visual examples of your concepts. Instead of using gray boxes for images, you can make your drafts more realistic and lively.

Use FigmaAI – Images to create first visualizations

Figma plugins I tried out so far are:

Find the complete list from the Figma community here. However, be aware that some of them are not free. For instance, the FigmaAI Images plugin costs $15 per month, which adds up to $180 a year. That might be too pricey compared to the annual Figma subscription, especially if you need to use multiple plugins later on. But there are also some plugins that are free to use – at least for now.

However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from trying out AI-assisted design and taking your first steps towards productivity. The initial spark to make you a designer who can rock the AI world in the future.

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