UX and AI: The New Power Duo for Design

Futuristic robohead with refelcting visor
Made with Bing’s image creator

UX Designers are facing exciting times. AI, currently prominently represented and led by ChatGPT, will transform how we craft the user experience in the future.

That’s why I decided to start a new blog that will explore the topic of UX powered by and in harmony with AI. In short ux21ai (User Experience in interaction with AI).

A new version of human machine interaction (HMI) needs to be created and designed.

But before we get there, let’s examine our profession. How will AI help and support UX Designers in the future? I wondered.

How will AI affect the evolution of the UX Designer’s skills? What are some possible use cases? How will UX Designers redefine their role in the future? I shared my thoughts on this in a memo to my team: Take advantage of AI’s assistance – UX strategy pa(i)per

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