Preserve Human-Centricity in AI-Driven Design

An illustration of the Vitruvian Man with surrounding geometric and symbolic elements representing the integration of human-centered design principles in artificial intelligence and UX, displayed as a poster on a wall.

Yet, the finest AI serves people. You’ve got to keep it human-centric, and revise your skill set of the future.

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is intricately woven into the fabric of our daily lives, and the term “artificial intelligence” has become ubiquitous, it’s imperative for UX designers and researchers to keep their sights set on their fundamental mission: crafting superior experiences tailored for people.

UX Designers, enhance your craft with these reading picks.

AI Research—Explore Human-Centric

For UX designers, understanding and integrating human factors and principles is more vital than ever—the only way we can maintain user acceptance for technology and innovation.

Only to name a few: start with the users, keep them in control, be inclusive, foster trust through transparency, privacy and ethics.

AI Design—Shift and Enhance Skills

Image credit: Vitruvian Man centered - generated with ChatGPT

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