Today’s UX Values Forge Tomorrow’s Design

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

– Robert L. Peters

As we design experiences today, we’re essentially laying down the cultural and value framework that will guide AI development in the future. The values we prioritize in UX—such as inclusivity, accessibility, and user empowerment—will influence how AI evolves to meet human needs more effectively and ethically.

Guideposts to the Road of Future UX Design

  • Beyond Conversational Interfaces in AI Design – Insights into designing AI that transcends traditional interfaces, fostering more intuitive and effective user interactions. @ Smashing Magazine
  • Digital Accessibility Basics – Learn the essentials of web accessibility, crucial for making AI interfaces universally usable. @ The A11Y Project
  • Empowering Users with UX – Explore how UX principles can ensure AI technologies are user-centric and empowering. @

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